Linux Professional Institute (LPI) and Elyon Solutions is committed to the development of a global standard in Linux certification. We believe that such a certification program must meet the requirements of both IT professionals and the organizations that would employ them. To achieve this goal we have adopted an open, rigorous, and consultative development process, which uses both volunteer and hired resources. Our development process is widely recognized and endorsed and has met the strict requirements of independent certification authorities.

Linux Essentials

Linux Professional Institute Linux Essentials exam tests the candidate’s ability to use a basic command-line editor and demonstrate an understanding of processes, programs, and components of the Linux operating system.


LPIC-1 Linux Administrator

Linux Professional Institute LPIC-1 tests the ability to perform maintenance tasks with the command line, install and configure a computer running Linux and be able to configure basic networking.


LPIC-2 Linux Engineer

Linux Professional Institute LPIC-2 tests ability to administer small to medium–sized mixed networks.

LPIC-3 Enterprise Security

Linux Professional Institute LPIC-3 Enterprise Security tests ability to secure and harden Linux-based servers, services, and networks enterprise-wide.

The main purpose of this certification program is to make sure that the candidate has sufficient knowledge in Odoo’s functional areas. Thus, a successful certified professional candidate will be aware of all the best practices available and with a good approach can successfully implement Odoo in wide-level organizations.

Odoo Certification v13

Odoo Certification v14

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