Biometric devices allow you to eliminate employee cheating in their time and attendance. Physiological features like finger scan and retinal recognition are nearly impossible for someone to replicate or share, and thus makes it easy for HR to manage employee attendance.  
Biometrics devices help in tracking Time and Attendance, which have a direct effect on computing the whole Payroll of your company. 

ZKTeco Time & Attendance Device IN01-A

The IN01-A is an efficient time and attendance terminal completed with User Management, Bell Schedule, and Shortcut Key functions. It also has the capabilities for fingerprint, password, and proximity card verifications.

ZKTeco Time & Attendance Device K21

K21 is a 2.8-inch compact time and attendance device which best fits companies that have less than 500 employees. The built-in Self-Service Recorder software also enables a quicker tabulation and calculation of stored data.