SAP Business One is a state of the art and world class business management system, complete and customizable software solution to manage small and medium business.  Research finds that 96% of Best-in-Class (the top 20% of performers) growing businesses have implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. These solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes to face their challenges and provide a single business system to support visibility, efficiency, and decision-making.  SAP Business one is the key tool in business to make your life easier.
Elyon offers consulting services for:  SAP Implementation, SAP Support services & training.
Elyon also helps ensure clients are hassle-free, serving as one-stop-shop even for hardware products such as server, workstations (branded desktops and laptops) which all meet SAP-recommended specs.
Elyon is an Odoo Ready Partner Company which provides an amazing software and technology solutions to the clients.
From a customer point of view, working with an Official Partner
guarantees that the partner:
  • Fully trained in Odoo
  • Has access to Odoo Enterprise Source Code
  • Has a direct relationship with Odoo to escalate issues

Payroll preparation is not an easy task. By providing you our complete Payroll Management System, you can spend less administering your payroll by automating the payroll process through automation and self service features of the system. As a result, you can focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

Elyon offers a Complete Payroll Package including:  Timekeeping and Attendance software, Payroll Management System, Biometrics devices & servers.

Business Internet Connection

Converge iBIZ is the country’s premier pure end-to-end fiber high-speed connectivity designed to boost your small to medium business.
Consulting & Training

Consulting and Training services ensure that your team is capable of delivering their best work. 

Elyon Consulting services include:  Implementation Projects and Support Services for SAP, Payroll and other business software solutions.
Elyon Training services include:  Both IT and Management practices that must work hand-in-hand to achieve value for your company.